Thursday, August 18, 2011

Last Minute Adventures

Has it been a while or whaaaaat? I am so sorry! Things have been nuts lately! 

I finally finished up at one of my jobs and have some time off before heading back to school, which is really nice. I decided pretty last minute to fly to see my friend in Ohio and drive back down to school with her. 

I had some troubles getting here the day of....mechanical problems...missed name it. But look at this pretty photos I took with Instagram on my phone from the plane!

You can't really tell but in the last one you can actually see the reflection of the plane in a rainbow circle. It was really weird! :) 

Anyways, since I've arrived in Ohio we've done nothing but shop and relax! It's been so nice! I've even tried a couple of new things in the process.  

My personal favorite has been...


Ahhh yum. It's delicious! Have you ever had it? It has these giant chocolate chips in it! It still doesn't begin to compare with BlueBell but it sure is YUMMYYYY!

I've also been on the search for a few things since I've arrived here....




I've had some luck with boots but haven't ended up purchasing anything. It seems like every time I find the style I'm looking for, it's either A) like $330 (example: Frye boots) or B) not in the best condition (example: stains on the leather) It's beyond frustrating! Just ask all the people I've dragged around various malls and outlets looking for boots...

As for the skinny khaki or white skinny luck. I found the CUTEST pair of skinny khakis at GAP but they were WAYYY too long. I mean, I'm not that short! 

And lastly, nude heels. This has been quite the struggle for a few different reasons. First of all, I'm very picky about the shade of the shoes. You may not realize it until you shop for nude shoes, but there are a lot of different "nudes." NOT COOL. Also, despite my shoe addiction, I'm just not willing to spend $100+ for heels. Yes for boots, Yes for Jack Rogers, but not for heels. Sorry. 

>>  HELP! <<
Has anyone seen any of these three things while out and about!? 
Point me in the right direction! 

And I'll end things today with something I WANT to try. 

A fringe shirt!

I know for some people it's a little out there, but I really want to try to rock this out. 
When I was home, my sister and I bought cheap tank tops from Delia's to cut up and experiment with...but I'm debating just purchasing the real deal.

Any opinions? 
Am I totally going to look like Pocahontas?

That's it for now! I promise it won't be like two weeks between now and my next post!


  1. Sounds like a fun trip! Good luck with your shopping, that can be so frustrating!

  2. J.Crew's Cafe Capri pant might fit the bill. It comes in several colors, including kaki and a white-ish color, and is worth checking out! I love mine!