Monday, August 1, 2011

A Weekend at Home

I was so lucky to get to escape the realities of work for the weekend to spend time with my family for my sister's birthday! After work on Saturday I scooted on home and was excited to see my family! :) 

Here's what my weekend consisted of...

1- Planking

Have you seen this before? My mom saw it on "The Talk" and knew it was something my sister and I would totally do! She was right! Before my sister's birthday dinner on Saturday we planked all around the house and yard! We had so much fun! It's really quite a funny thing! Try it and post your pictures! 

2- A New Car! 

After a pretty serious car accident this fall I was left carless for the school year and majority of this summer! I've been borrowing my mom's car to scoot around, but I've been chomping at the bit to have my own car again! After dinner on Saturday my parents pulled the most beautiful Toyota Corolla into the driveway! Needless to say I was very surprised! I am THRILLED! 

3- Shopping

It's about time all my work paid off! I treated myself to two nice gifts this weekend! My two best friends Lindy and Laura took me to this new local boutique, Ivey and Leo! It's ADORABLE! Think Francesca's mixed with Forever21 mixed with Nordstrom! I got the cutest dress that is perfect for going out, work, and nice dinners!

I also treated myself to a pair of silver Jack Rogers! Have you seen these? They are really popular at my college and I HAD to have a pair! You like?

So that was my wonderful weekend at home! It couldn't have been any better! :) Updates on my latest crafts soon! 


  1. YAY new shoes & new car and we're about to start a whole new school year! Hooorayyy! <3

  2. WOOHOO :) miss you already, friend!

  3. It was such a FAB forgot to add vom'ing!!