Monday, July 18, 2011

Christmas In July

Yes, you read it right- Christmas in July. Did you hit up the sale at Michael's? My mom and I sure did. We also got sucked into a fun craft while we were there. We made two adorable frames with a scrapbook paper stencil and paint. Here's a little overview of our adventure! 

We started with a blank frame that we painted white! Then we placed the stencil over the frame and stippled (sponge-painted) the Robin Egg Blue color on the stencil. 

My mom and I after we painted the blue on the frames!

My finished product!

My mom touching up her frame!

Overall it took about 15 minutes, and only cost us $2 for the frames. Well in fact, the frames were 3 for $2 and my entire purchase was 25% off! Of course, we purchased other things too! 

I decided I wanted to make a series of 3 frames so I purchased 4 more to make a pink set and to finish up this set.

Here's a more detailed step-by-step guide to making the third frame at home!

Start with a blank frame!

Paint the inside black so it blends in with the pictures you choose to place in the frame!

Paint the frame your desired color- mine was the Robin Egg blue color. It kind of resembles Tiffany blue- my favorite ;)

Place the stencil over the frame and paint or stipple the second color. 

Wa-lah! You have your finished product!

Here are the three frames placed on my entertainment center!

Feedback needed: do you like this project? Doesn't it seem pretty simple? Overall for the paint and frames it cost me about $3.50. The frames, like I mentioned before were 3 for $2 and the paint and sponge brushes were only $1.50 all together.

You can find the stencils in the scrapbook paper section for about 99 cents or less! 

This is just one of the many projects I have in store for the next week! :) Hope you like them! 

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