Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Morning Musings

I've found my next two projects! :) Want to see what they are?

Scrapbook Paper Coasters

My new apartment is in need of some cute coasters! And I've got a couple birthdays coming up too...

Here's what I'll need:

4- square tiles (4.25" x 4.25")
4- pieces of scrapbook paper (3.75" x 3.75")
4- pieces of felt
Mod Podge
Sponge brush
Clear acrylic sealer

It seems pretty simple and pretty inexpensive! I can't wait to get started. Problem no transportation to Michael's. Anyone in the Elon area want to craft?! I'll be sure to show you how they turn out! :)

Painted Decorative Keys

Aren't those simply adorable? I know they are a little out there, but they'd be cute to hang somewhere or even have one or two hanging from the mirror in your car. I can't imagine this project would be very expensive at all. Just find some vintage keys...I already have the paint....and then ribbon, which I also already have in my craft box! Ta-da! And done! Once I find some keys I'm jumping on this project ASAP! 

Thank God for Pinterest and its cute ideas. Not a member yet? JOIN. It will be the best decision you make. I promise.  ;)

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