Tuesday, July 12, 2011

DIY Debut

Hello, hello! 

This is (obviously) my first post! I'm really excited to get things started and show you all my crafty side! After completing a variety of crafts in the past few days, I decided to start my own blog to document my projects! Hopefully you will all share your DIY-designs with me or feel inspired by my posts.

After spending hours on the wonderful website Pinterest, my sister and I were feeling inspired this weekend during our girl time! Here's some of the things we created! 

Magnetic Makeup Board

Inspired by a Pinterest post, I spent around $10 making this craft! First I needed to find a magnetic board! I found a dazzling hot pink one at target for around $7! Then I purchased cute ribbon and magnetic "tape." After hot gluing the ribbon on the edges, I applied the tape to the back of my favorite makeup items. They stick right on there perfectly! It's a quick project that could even make a great gift! :) 

Magazine Decor

This is another simple project. that only cost about $2! I was influenced by a pin that showed a simple DIY design! In the original pin, the user hole-punched paint chips and strung them along to make this cute decoration. Well, I figured I could use magazine covers instead! This is another cheap and quick project that can spice up any dorm room or apartment! 

All you need:
yarn, magazine covers, something to trace, a Sharpie, scissors & a hole-punch!

After cutting out the shapes, hole-punch, string along and put it right on your wall! It's perfectly adorable! :)

Hall Passes

Okay, now here's a teacher project. My sister teaches second grade and was in need of new, cute hall passes for her students to use. Inspired by Pinterest (are you surprised?) she made these, among several other projects.

What's Next?

That's a great question. Join me as I explore the crafting and DIY world. I want to showcase my photography, DIY projects, and inspirations with you! And I want to hear about your projects as well! Stay tuned! 

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  1. Welcome to the blogging world!!!! Congrats on your new post! I will be sure to link your blog to mine so more friends can follow your fabulous writing!